Tom and Jerry Tales

Did you know the Story behind the name of Tom & Jerry?: Salva Sarrado (5 years) version of the cartoon TV. Once upon a time a mouse and a cat, they were fighting to the country of fairy tales, they were always fighting, arguing but, when they reached the City of Stories began to change. They became friends, not  discussed, the City of Tales made them change. Mouse and cat called Tom and Jerry. They lived in a dark cave the two together before reaching the country, had 90 steps to the city. Tom and Jerry saw a house, and no one came.The child went home with them, wanted them to live with him, but his mother did not want, was afraid of mice, just wanted tostay with the cat. And it is the tom and jerry tales wiki by tamilstream!

Tom and jerry tales also like the ordinary Tom and Jerry show which include a good story in the every episode. Are you tired of looking on web and youtube for tom and jerry tales? Here you go, In tamilstream you can watch tom and jerry tales episodes online in HD without downloading.

Watch Tom and Jerry Tales Episode 1 online [1 March 2018]

Video details:

  • Video quality: 480p
  • Episode length: 11 mins
  • Language: English
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