Pakadam Pakadai

Watch Pakdam Pakdai cartoon in hindi: Series of Pakdam Pakdai videos are about with the fight between Doggy and the 3 mice that live in the same house. Doggy Don is always try to defeat the team of mice with the help of his elder brother who is an ex-army dog named Colonel. Colonel is smart than Doggy Don but, not as smart as the 3 mice. The story line  follows with some naughtiness that the mice make and the devastation that results when Doggy Don and Colonel attempt and battle them and win back. The Doggy don cartoon (pakdam pakdai full episodes) available in tamilstream.

Watch Pakdam Pakdai Cartoon episode 1 Online

Video details:

  • Language: Hindi
  • Available in: 480p.
  • Run time: 7 mins.
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